Singapore, one of the four Asian dragons, is gradually climbing the ladder and stands out from its neighbors by its exceptional growth rate and expertise in international finance. This country has made its place on the international level. Many investors have settled on-site and you may consider opening an offshore account on the premises.

The steps for opening an offshore account in Singapore

The first step is to find the bank or financial institution in which you want to open your personal account. Many branches of international institutions are on-site, which should not complicate your search. For this choice, you must consider each type of offer and take the one that suits you best. To open the account, you do not have to move on-site and you can file your application to open an account by email. You must send by e-mail the necessary documents such as the certified copy of your identity card, proof of address and documents justifying your sources of income. The banker will analyze your file before sending you the contract that must be signed and returned. These steps can take between 10 and 15 days before the final opening of the offshore account.

The advantages of having an offshore account in Singapore

If you open an offshore account in Singapore, your account can receive money from all currencies: euros, dollars … You can also have a remote account management service, which will allow you to track transactions in real-time made to your account. Depending on the establishment you choose, you may also have other services that are tailor-made for you, since you do not live in Singapore. You will not have to worry about losing your money if you make an investment because on the territory, the economy is very dynamic. You will also have a guarantee of a safe offshore bank account.

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